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 Stat/Leveling Rules

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Flower of Heaven


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PostSubject: Stat/Leveling Rules   Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:28 pm

Stat and Leveling Rules

Here on Dragon Ball Online, we use a different leveling system than most RPG sites. This system revolves around members increasing stats to level up and become more powerful. We pride ourselves on the originality of our system and hope to make it very easy to understand and put to use, any questions you may have after reviewing the rules can be directed to staff for any answers you may need.
In our level system players distribute points between the specializations Ki Manipulation, Martial Arts and Sorcery. Which can only reach 100 naturally, however, they can be increased by techniques, armor, race, etc.. Yet even with boosts cannot surpase 300.

Ki Manipulation
Ki Manipulation is the specialization that calculates: how much Ki you have, how strong your Ki is, and how well you can control Ki. Through the stats Willpower, Focus, and Intelligence respectively.

Willpower: This stat acts as the character's Stamina and Ki Pool adding to both simultaneously. Stamina determines how long a person can sustain physical or mental efforts (and magical effort for sorcerers).
Focus: This determines the potency of the character's Ki.
Intelligence: This affects the character's ability to control Ki, having high control of ones Ki allows for more creative techniques.

Martial Arts
Martial Arts is the specialization that calculates: how much damage you can inflict, how fast and good at dodging you are, and how much damage you can intake. Through the stats Strength, Agility, and Durability.

Strength: This stat determines how much a character can lift, punch, and kick.
Agility: This stat acts as the character's speed, determining how flexible their body is and how fast you can move.
Durability: This stat acts as the character's health bar and determines how resistant to damage they are.

Sorcery is the specialization that calculates the level of Magic you're able to perform, if at all. Through the stat Wisdom.

Wisdom: Much like Ki Manipulation, Wisdom determines how much Magic you have, how strong your Magic is, and how well you can control Magic.

Side Stats
Ki Pool: For everyone one point towards Willpower, you are allotted 10 points in your Ki Pool capped at 500,000. For every 500 words in a thread 50 points are added.
Throw Distance and Speed: The speed of one's throw is Agility (+40) + Strength (+40) = average / 2
EX: (100+40)+(100+40)=280/2=140
The distance a character can throw something is half the speed in meters.
Reaction Time: This sub-stat determines how you perceive things, giving the character a chance to react to what they see or hear. For every one point in Agility the character recieves +80 Reation Time.
Damage Resistance: This sub-stat is a character's natural armor. For every one point in Durability you get +10 Damage Resistance capped at 500.

Should a character's Stamina or Durability hit zero they automatically pass out for the remainder of the thread and they have to spend one non-combat thread recovering.
Should a character's Durability hit the negatives they die.

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Flower of Heaven


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PostSubject: Re: Stat/Leveling Rules   Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:29 pm

Leveling Scale

The following scales determine a character's level of Stamina and the level of the character based on their total number of stats (capped at 400). Every player starts with 25 stats to distribute how they choose. Each stat must have at least one point.

Stamina Scale
1-10: wimp
11-20: skilled
21-30: beginner
31-40: fighter
41-50: intermediate
51-60: experienced
61-70: contender
71-80: champion
81-90: master
91-100: max

Level Scale
Level 1: 50 stats
Level 2: 75 stats
Level 3: 700 stats
Level 4: 125 stats
Level 5: 150 stats
Level 6: 175 stats
Level 7: 200 stats
Level 8: 225 stats
Level 9: 250 stats
Level 10: 275 stats
Level 11: 300 stats
Level 12: 325 stats
Level 13: 350 stats
Level 14: 375 stats
Level 15: 400 stats
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Stat/Leveling Rules
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